ICA strongly believes that education is a form of service to the mankind and society and cannot be regarded as a business. By offering this service one contributes to the society through eliminating one of the meanest curses of this society, unemployment. Every business runs on its own success model and support structures to nourish its eco system. At ICA we always treat our franchisee as Partners in Profit and we address their need at every level to make their business a grand success. Our main objective is to help them make ample profit by providing value added services to the students as in service industry; business generation depends highly on the positive word of mouth. From our side every business partner is entitled to have the support of : -

Franchisee Support Manager
Franchisee Support Manager (FSM) helps the partners to generate leads for their business through training of the staff members, by setting correct strategies to approach the market and to identify undiscovered opportunities. They will also deliver interactive seminars in Schools/ Colleges/ and any such touch points.

Zonal Placement Team
At ICA we value Placement as the core factor as it is the key element to earn student’s satisfaction and generate positive word of mouth. We have a centralized placement team to assist every business partner in generating leads of the prospective employers. This team takes care of the employment of every student; they conduct periodic campus interview and pre placement activities.

General Managers
In each Zone we have one dedicated Zonal Head, who is responsible for looking after the overall profitability of that particular zone and act as a bridge between the higher management and Business Partners.

Quality Assurance Team (QA)
Maintaining the same levels of quality at all our centers across the country is one of the key elements in our system. We ensure that every ICA centre should adhere to the highest quality terms set by the company and maintain industry standards while delivering the best possible service to the students. Our Quality wing conducts Examinations; gives regular training and periodic guidance to our faculty members; checks the progress of the students and very closely monitor the life cycle of every student at ICA.