Course: Certificate in Payroll Management

A comprehensive program for B. Com Graduates & MBA's to build their career in Payroll Processing

Employer's View on Payroll Industry

The world is moving towards outsourcing repetitive non core activities to specialists. Outsourcing payroll processing is fast catching up in India and is becoming a norm rather than an exception. We at Prolect Solutions offer niche services in the areas of payroll processing and HR workflows. We offer career opportunities to young graduates who are willing to work hard and excel in this area. It requires good computer skills, dedication, commitment and process oriented approach to do well in this field. The industry is expected to grow Rapidly offering great opportunities to the young workforce to get in and make a great career.

We feel proud to be associated with ICA for getting trained manpower.

Harsha Nanda
(Prolect Solution Pvt Ltd)

Course Content Module 1- Basic & Advanced Excel
Introduction to Excel 2013 | Basic Understanding of Menu and Toolbar | Entering Data in Cell | Types of Data you can Enter in Excel | Editing Data (Cut, Copy & Paste), Moving around a Worksheet | Saving Workbook | Opening an Existing Workbook | Working with Rows and Columns | Pre-defined Table Style | Format Painter

Cell References Relative |Absolute | Mixed and Circular| Filling Series | Flash Fill | Custom List | Number Formatting | Simple Conditional Formatting | Removing Conditional Formatting | Name Range | Adding Comments & Formatting

Understanding Formula Basics | Math and Trigonometry Functions | Statistical Functions | Date-Related Functions | Logical Functions (If, If And, If Or, If Not & Nested If) | Lookup & Reference Functions (Vlookup&Hlookup) | Text Functions (Upper, Lower & Proper) | Financial Functions (PV, FV, PMT, PPMT, IPMT, Rate &Nper) | Database Functions

What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Solver and Scenario Manager) | Data Validation | Paste Special | Filtering of Data (Auto Filter and Advanced Filter) | Custom Sorting | Subtotaling of Data | Formula Auditing | Tracing Cell Relationship| Consolidating Data | Macro | Data Form | Chart | Sparklines | Quick Analysis | Importing of Data | Freeze Panes

Pivot Table and Charts | Worksheet formatting and Print Display | Tracking Workbook Changes | Page Setup | Workbook and Worksheet Protection

Advanced uses of Number Formatting | Conditional Formatting and Data Validation | Vlookup from Multiple Tables | Dynamic Vlookup | Match & Index Function | Sumproducts

Data Table | Advanced use of Solver | Depreciation Function | Financial Functions (NPV, IRR, MIRR) | Advanced use of Macro | Array Functions | Common Error Messages in Excel | Apps for Office | Other Functions

Power BI Model Power Pivot | Dashboard Creation | Power View | Power Map | Power Query

ASAP Utilities | Store files in One Drive | Introduction to Google Drive | Managing Files in Google Drive | Form Creation | Sending and Receiving Response | Mail Merge through Google Drive

Live Project 1 & 2

Module 2 - Payroll Management
Role of Payroll Department in an Organization | Components of Salary| Claim and Reimbursement| Attendance Management | Pay Calendar

Statutory & Legal Compliance
EPF & MP Act | ESI Act | Payment of Bonus Act | Payment of Gratuity Act | Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act | Minimum Wages Act

Tax Planning for Salaried Employees
Basic Taxation | Income from Salary | Deductions from Gross Total Income | TDS Quarterly Return filing | Entry for Previous Employment

Live Project 3 & 4

Module 3- Payroll Processing (Using Softwares)
Pay Structure | CTC Calculation | Set up Employee Information, Payroll Unit, Pay Head, Salary Details | Salary Processing and Payment | PF & ESI Processing and Payment | Statutory Reports

Softwares; paybooks & factor

Live Project 5 - 10

Module 4- Orientation on Corporate Skills
Self Management | Business Correspondence Skills | Introduction of Corporate Lifestyle | Mock Drill Sessions